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Luna Trim How will I incorporate healthy eating and physical exercise? Sorry to tell you this, but Weight Loss requires a life-long shift in eating habits and exercise. Probably the reason you're overweight now is because there's too many unhealthy choices in your life. Eating right and increases exercise not only lets you be healthier while you lose the weight, it will keep the weight from coming back. This doesn't mean you need to cut out everything you love in your diet. If you follow the "everything in moderation" and increase your fruit and vegetable intake while decreasing overall calories, you should begin losing weight, keep it off, and feel healthier. Exercise is also very important to any Weight Loss program, and very important to your body overall.The phenomenon of a Weight Loss skinny fat person can be explained by a measurement of body fat. Often thin people will register a low number on the scale but their body fat percentage is through the roof. Even though they might look attractive at first glance, upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that their health and fitness levels are not what they appear to be.